Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Robot Rampage

WALT write a creative story using a story starter.

‘’O no” what has this crazy robot done “I need to go have a look”. Hemi leapt out of his chair nervously and followed the shouting noise and it led to a giant farm. On the farm lettuce was being grown as well as orange carrots, and Orange and Green pumpkin. The robot was cutting all the baby lettuce from the ground. The farmer was not very happy. The angry farmer was running as fast as a cheetah around chasing the robot.

What was he going to do. He needed to get to the robot and press the button on his right arm that makes him power off. But how was we going to get to the robot the robot is to fast. He needed to think of a plan. He needed to get to his right arm. He rushed home and grabbed supplies from the garage to make a flying fast robot that can hopefully catch the robot Hemi worked and worked as fast as he could. Imagine if by the time he gets back all the lettuce,Carrots and pumpkin were gone that would be terrible.

 He hopes that this robot machine will work. If it doesnt he is in deep trouble he is probably already in deep trouble anyway. He ran back to the farm listing to the shouting noise and it sounds like evan moor people. The Farmer's wife was yelling as well. Hemi set the robot free. The robot is basically attached to red buttons. The robot crazily chasing the robot won't stop until he gets to the red button. The robot presses the red button and the robot turns of a fell to the ground. Everyone new it was my robot so what was Hemi going to do. He ran and ran until he got home with a bunch of grannies and grandpas that love there beautiful gardens chasing Hemi.

 Hemi locked myself in the shed and stayed in there until I thought everyone was gone. Thankfully everyone was gone. Hemis Dad pulled up the Drive and all the lawns were mowed “WOW” dad said “I can't believe it you normally hate mowing the lawns”. “I'll have to get you to mow the lawns more often.” “Oh noo”

Friday, June 8, 2018

Creative writing

WALT create a piece of writing which includes 5 words that we have been given. This week the words were: Pink,Huge,Bridge,Sprinkled and daffodil.
The big week

By Merryn
We decided to go to the park at the park there are beautiful daffodils there is also a Bridge going over a lake. When you get to the end of the bridge there is Pink, gold, yellow, orange, green, glitter sprinkled all over the ground. There is also a row of trees and on the other side there is a huge playground that has 5 things of everything like 5 slides 5 swings 5 seesaws. It is pretty cool and it is free to go to and it is normally packed with people and the good thing is that it's just across the road from us. Anyway it was time to head back home now and have dinner Mcdonalds was for dinner I was really excited. It was really yum. I asked my Mum if my friend Aliyah could come and stay the night she said you have to ask her Mum. So Mum grabbed her phone and rang Aliyah's Mum she said I will be 15 minutes away. In 15 minutes she was here we didn't have much time till bed so we watched a movie. We had to go to bed because it was getting late. We woke up the next morning and had pancakes for breakfast. So we went back to the park and when we were on the tallest slide in the park Aliyah fell to the ground on the concrete and broke her nose. I had my phone and called Mum she said call the ambulance so I called 111. She said 111 what's your emergency I said my friend just fell off a slide and broke her nose. I told her my location and they were her in the next 5 mins. She didn't want to go in the ambulance by herself so I came with her.Her nose was pretty yuck It had blood dripping down. We arrived at the hospital then Aliyahs Mum arrived but I still wanted to stay with her. We went inside a room apparently they were gonna click her nose back in place. “AOOWWW’’ I looked over and her nose was straight I was daydreaming for a bit until I heard her screaming. Me and Aliyah were allowed to go home now which was good. We got home. Aliyah didn't want to go to that park again and I can see why :) she had to go home now and have dinner there was school tomorrow so we had to go to bed at 8:30 and it was 7:00 anyway so she drove to her house when she left I ate my dinner and went to bed. The next morning it was school I woke up at 7:30 I was lucky I didn't sleep in. Aliyah came to school today which was weird I would think that if I broke my nose I wouldn't come to school the next day. Aliyah had a big bandage on her nose how could she breathe. Everyone was asking if she was ok “what happened” “Did it hurt” that's all people have been saying to her ALL DAY. Even the teachers. I feel bad for her Aliyah was relieved the day was over and know more questions were asked until we were walking home everyone else that was walking that hadn't asked her even some people that did ask her “what happen” “does it hurt” “How did that happen” Finally we were home she was at her house and I was at my house. Well that has been a big week for all of us especially Aliyah. The end

Friday, May 18, 2018

My Magical Creature 100 WC

Walt descibe a Magical creature that lives in the pink lake or a animal hospital

 There lived a magical unicorn her name was Shimmer she lived at a animal hospital for unicorns all the unicorns had something wrong with them. Some of them had had their leg taken off. Some of them evan had one eye. Shimmers isn't as bad as the other ones but it is bad enough to go to the hospital. It has been 3 days since she has had her surgery. A special thing about her is she has magical powers her horn can heal people but only little cuts not huge ones. She can fly, She has invisibility, she has super speed.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Californian Native Americans.

Walt gather information about the Cahuilla tribe.I really enjoyed learning about this tribe and something interesting I learnt was they used musical instruments such as flutes, whistles, and rattles made of turtle shells, or empty gourds.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Thursday, May 3, 2018

100 word challenge

Walt: use 100 words to write a story.
At the playground me and my sister asked our Mum if we were allowed to have a play on the playground across the road. Since that was the only one we were allowed to go to because it was close to our house. But it was a little creepy because it had a graveyard next to it. I slid down the crimson slide and and climbed up the purple ladder. It was starting to get darker. Our Mum rang us for dinner but our phones were in our bags and we couldn't hear the phone ringing. We decided to go to our Nana's grave, it was misty. I thought it would be funny to prank Aliyah so I shouted “RUN” and Aliyah frantically ran around screaming and ran home. =