Monday, August 29, 2016

Rio Rainforest


I am breathing as loud as a loud radio. I had to catch up to the cheetah and concentrate My eyes are glowing as bright as the sun. My heart is beating as loud as a drum. I see some lighting and then some thunder it gave me a fright but I kept on running. My teeth are as sharp as a knife. I am a black panther I am as  fast as usain bolt and I am way faster than a sloth. I am sneaking behind a cheetah and I am trying to win but he is too fast. Then I went to beat him and then I tried to sneak up to him but he was to fast. Then I was in front of one cheetah and It felt good to be in front of a cheetah. Then I was trying to race up to another cheetah and I can feel the rough leaves on my back. I start to get a bit tired but I keep trying And I am running so fast like usain bolt.I can see some really wet ferns that look cool. I can smell something that smell quite weird  And I can see lots of trees that are as tall as the sky tower and I can see some trees that are as short as a minion. Then I catched up to a really fast cheetah and I saw a sloth doing some flips on a pole. stop looking all around me at the sloths and that I said to myself. I can smell something stinky when I start to catch up to the cheetah and then I think to myself “I have to get in front of that cheetah then I turn into usain bolt and then I finally won yay. I see that one other cheetah turned into a sprinter and ran just past the line and then the other cheetah turned into a sprinter and then I celebrated. The end

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