Thursday, March 16, 2017

Something fishy

      Walt use correct punctuation

                     Something fishy

I was sitting in the laundry mat when I saw a blue shine coming from a washing machine. I wanted to have a look, I walked over and put my hand in the washing machine then took a big breath and put my face in the water. Suddenly it took me into a magical world with socks that were fish tops that were squids and more fish that were socks and beanies that were turtles. The fish were all glowing and I could barely see anything because the water was so soapy. I was feeling happy because I got to hold one but it swam away fast.There was lots of coins on the ground from people's pockets that were left there.

Then a massive shark came at me to eat me it had big shark teeth and had a  button for his nose. He came closer and closer to me he really wanted to eat me. I hid behind a skinny tall tree but he still tried to eat me. I swam and swam until he almost took a foot of me I swam and swam until I got tired I really needed a break. I looked up and saw light in front of me I said “yay” and I thought why did I do that.

Anyway I got to the end and I flopped out of the machine so did the jeans. I was so scared of them I slowly went to put my finger on the jeans until I heard a noise saying “I believe those are mine” I looked up feeling really embarrassed. The end

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