Friday, April 7, 2017

The cloud

WALT Write a narrative

The cloud

I was made by a scientist to help people and make sure everyone is ok. We also set up lots of cameras inside me so the scientist could control me. He had cameras all around the wall so he could see to. He let me out the window so  he could see if I work.

I worked fine so off I went I could go through windows,in the middle of buildings, down roads, and watch people. There was a fire down a street and put it out with my rain. I made dogs bark at night .

I could travel all over the world my favorite place to go to is New Zealand. I like to visit the sky tower and rainbows end and other places.

I could also see my scientist to and I saw him disconnect all the cameras for me to see and for him. So it was pitch black all I could see was black, so I made problems. I was making lightning and making floods. My scientist tracked me down and put a potion on me a poof I'm gone .

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