Thursday, August 10, 2017

whale fantasia

Week 3 whale fantasia
Today is the day where I go diving in the water for a swim with the whales. In the ocean with two of my two friends Aliyah and Talia we are having a big day today. My dad is taking us in his boat and dropping us off we don't want to do it we are to scared dad says “three two” and before he could get to one he pushed us into the water and laughs.
We dive in it is so beautiful in here. The deeper and deeper we go the darker and darker it gets. The ocean shone like stars in the night sky. It looks so pretty with the sun shining through the water.
I am starting to get tired and getting slower and slower my friends are spinning round and round  and round in circles. I love it in here so so much It is one of the best fun thing I have done in a while.  I go round the corner and I see 4 big humpback
they are so humongous they are as big as a building. They have lots of little dots on them they are called barnkells. As the wales turned around their tails rubbed on me they feel as if they were a sponge cleaning me.As the water flows the bubbles feel nice on my skin. The ocean was as cold as a freezer
and the water was as clear as a window, and the water flows so nice.  I can feel some of the wind on me from outside the water. I go back up because I am getting really tired I jump back on the boat. I love  this trip so much I can't wait to go again one day.

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